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Dearest gentle reader and music fans let’s welcome back to our blog LA artist LOVE GHOST. They have been dropping bangers like their EP “The Speed of Dreaming” “SCREAM” is the title of their latest EP. The 5-song EP that drops on June 6th. The EP was produced by Mexican Hard Rock artist Monde. The songs on the EP are energetic, immediate, and extreme- each a collaboration with a different Mexican artist. Let’s talk about the EP in detail

The title track of the EP is called “Scream”. The song is opened by a very interesting and energetic guitar riff. This song features the artist MONDE. The song lends a voice to the voiceless or those too afraid to speak up. The song empowers the overlooked(”make you scream, make you fight”). The sounds in this song are visceral and sharp and the Spanish rap was remarkable. With this song, you can tell the voice of the EP immediately

Next is The song “Throw Down”. This is yet another rock song that features Helian Evans and Adhara. The opening guitar riffs are very colorful. The persona in the song has embraced his role as a villain or someone who is hated but doesn’t care (”you can kiss my ass”)and is ready to throw down with whoever challenges him(”now I’m the villain, I’m something to hate”). The vocal range in the song is very incredible. Just like the song you can’t forget the Spanish aspects of this song that are incredibly moving and beautiful giving this song move from zero to a hundred, back and forth

“Daydream” is the next song on the EP. The guitar sounds are infused with synth-pop sounds which separate it from the pack. The song features La Sinclair and it is about living life to the fullest and enjoying every second of it (”live every day like it’s my last”). The song also talks about a love interest whom he’s not ready to let go of (” If I can’t have you no one can”). The Spanish verse on this song is especially different and emotive and leaves a lasting feeling after the song has ended

The next song is titled “Rage”. This song features the artist 3Angel. This is also a heavy rock that is in your face and hardcore. As the title suggests the persona in the song is extremely angry and isn’t afraid to show it (”fuck you, get the fuck out of my face”). The beat is thumping and the vocal performance is intense and raw. This song will be so fantastic when played live!

The last song on the EP is the song “Rockstar Lifestyle”. This song features the artist El Verumcito. The song talks about how the persona’s life has been bettered since he fell in love(“after I found love I never really was the same, again”) the song oscillates from low to high throughout the song. The Spanish rap was very unique and fantastic. The song then returns to its usual self of hard rock, just like the EP began with energetic Rhythms so does it end

Love Ghost has snuck up on me and surprised me yet again, BORED???, NEVER!!!. They have created yet again a collection of songs showcasing their talents and delivering songs, each with a Latin flair. They are pushing boundaries and breaking language barriers with their music and I can’t wait to hear their next project

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