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Ruiz! Falling

Ruiz! Finally Released “Falling” Song

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The 80s tune “Falling,” which was originally going to be called “Fate,” would make you realise that it was your fate to listen to it. Ruiz! has only started releasing music since 2020, yet now it appears like many people are taking notice of him. Ruiz! will captivate you with “Falling,” which has amassed over 6,500 listeners on Spotify and counting.

Ruiz! has demonstrated that he is not constrained by a particular musical genre or style with his hits “Please Baby Please” and “5 Seconds.” In the song “Falling,” he is now adding a raw vitality to his sound that exhorts us to start living our aspirations. The song has a strong message about seizing the day, which many of us have lost the motivation to do since the pandemic began.

The song not only encourages you to pursue your goals but also develops the genre-defying sound that Ruiz! has been developing. He adds a touch of new wave and indie rock to his sound while utilising some vintage post-punk tones. The tune is easy to connect with and filled with infectious vibes that will have you exploring his back catalogue as he continues to present a contemporary perspective on everything in life.

The vocals that ring out at the beginning of “Falling” have an almost choral quality to them. A vocal line with an electronic flavour first appears underneath this beginning line before going away completely. The vocal performance has a vintage feel that makes you think of songs from the height of new wave. While the vocal performance has a nostalgic feel to it, the words have a drive to them that encourages you to go out and pursue the ambitions you’ve put on hold.

The vocals are intriguing since they begin with a marching delivery before transitioning into a slower melodic vibe before gaining further texture when that vocal line with an electronic flavour comes in and out. We can all relate to a lot of the lyrics, which make us consider our present circumstances and what we can do to climb out of the rut many of us have found ourselves in.

A music that complements the vocal delivery’s nostalgic vibes rests beneath the vocals. The shimmering electronic tones have a distinct 80s vibe, yet they also have a contemporary edge. The song has echoes of the past weaved into it, but you can also feel something pushing you in the direction of the future. The music occasionally has a warbling chitter that makes you jump. Before the strummed tones bring a splash of something organic to the tune, the beat beneath all of this has you gently bopping to the groove.

In the unique sound of “Falling,” Ruiz! combines the old and the new while encouraging us to pursue our ambitions. With an almost choral introduction that transitions to a marching delivery augmented by electronic textures, the voices are the major component of the track. You will find yourself gently bopping to the beat because of the melody’s nostalgic feel with modern undertones.

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