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Sdar Lotus Transcendental song

Sdar Lotus Out With “Transcendental”

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Fort Lauderdale singer Sdar Lotus has released a new song titled “Transcendental”

‘Transcendental’ is a melodic creation based on combining two beautiful Heart Chakra Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls to create a mind and chakra balancing shimmer that not only vibrates at the frequency of love, DNA, and Cellular repair (528hz), but also at the universe’s frequency, or’heartbeat of the earth’ (432hz). It will take you on a voyage within, with vocal tones, rainstick, and deep vibrating bass (you’ll want to listen to this on a good speaker). This song was not written but flowed in one continuous take, raw and organic, with melodic channelled lyrics.

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Sdar Lotus is a Reiki Master and Crystal Alchemy Sound Healer from Fort Lauderdale. Her whole life revolves around art – healing arts, musical arts, meaningful crystal jewelry, gorgeous makeup artistry, and otherworldly photography. Many years pass she was living a fast paced life as one of the top makeup artists at my retail location, but was forced to quit her job due to chronic pain since her teenage.

She had been diving deeper into my spirituality and a month into my leave of absence decided to attend a past life regression workshop held by Dr. Brian Weiss. She was able to have a past life regression that helped her identify where her pain originated. She started meditating more and taking better care of her body.

Listen to Sdar Lotus Transcendental song below.

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