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TikTok, according to Quinta Brunson, is “ruining art,” she says. At the Fall Benefit for the Ghetto Film School, the designer of Abbott Elementary expresses fears about the future of the arts.

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Quinta Brunson, Sandra Oh, and Danielle Brooks were recognised on Thursday, October 12 at the Ghetto Film School’s Fall Benefit. Brunson emphasised her gratitude for the institution’s existence, noting that it gave her the same kind of priceless experience as Second City and Buzzfeed.

She developed her comic abilities at Second City before bringing her witty, viral humour to BuzzFeed, eventually rising to the position of influential content creator. This is just so motivating. Because the WGA’s strike was effective, I’ve just reopened my writers room, Brunson said in her victory speech, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “We only started last week, but I already felt motivated to resume my show.”

But occasionally, I worry a lot about the future and about children. When I see the Tik and the Tok, I start to feel quite afraid. I’m concerned that there aren’t any more locations where people can hone their skills, and I say this as a child of the internet — I’m a YouTube and Instagram kid. The “Abbott Elementary” founder, known for her creative work and appearances in comedic sketches on her YouTube site, is aware of the importance of both the internet and the arts. She has skillfully combined the two, preserving their intrinsic value.

The 33-year-old native Philadelphian is interested in knowing “if there are places that young people can go where they get to learn about and care about their craft.” “Coming here tonight — probably after I went on my 10th rant in the writers room about how TikTok is ruining art — it is nice to come here and see you guys and know that the future is in very good hands and know that there are people who are honing their craft, there are people who are supporting you, who are giving you money to do it,” said Brunson.

The Ghetto Film School is the kind of organisation Brunson wants to assist as she looks to launch her career in charity. “This is where I want to invest my money and my efforts. I want to make sure that the future’s creators have complete funding and support, she stated. An honourable non-profit organisation called The Ghetto Film School was established in New York in 2000 with the goal of educating, fostering, and recognising the coming generation of talented storytellers.

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