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Tonoso Fairytale

Tonoso Releases Latest Track “Fairytale”

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Tonoso are keeping constant as ever in the new year with a high-energy single titled “Fairytale,” which will be officially released on May 19th, 2022.

Fairytale” explores themes such as “giving into love and how, through every season, every change, you and your love will be there together till the end” in the background of it all. The song itself is extremely joyful in sound and positive in message, but it’s the production that has us hooked. A genuine advice would be to listen to this with a good set of headphones from the start, mostly to avoid missing out on any of the details that make it stand out the most. With a runtime of just over four minutes, there’s no doubt that the music will have you rocking like crazy by the conclusion.

Tonoso Fairytale

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‘Fairytale’ is the newest song from Tonoso’s next album, Artificial Dreams, which promises to be an exploring record for everyone struggling to flourish in this mechanised and automated society where everything is there at the press of a button, yet we’re all still looking for something more.

The concept of a ‘Fairytale,’ in which magical occurrences and gladly endings are imaginable, provides a fascinating counterpoint to this Los Angeles outfit’s societal critique.

In this all-too-often detached existence, love and devotion mean the most to the band. This is reflected in the synth-forward cosmic ambience of ‘Fairytale,’ which is primarily reliant on the artificial backdrop of tropical-tinged electronica, sweeping 80s synths, and slapping digital beats. The tranquil and beautiful vocals, which persist with serious promises of “forever,” linger throughout all of this hedonistic music.

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