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Caldo From the Vein

UK Uprising Rapper Caldo Releases “From the Vein”

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Caldo’s second single, ‘From the Vein,’ was released two months after his breakthrough single, ‘Caught in the middle.’ The concept for the song “From the Vein” came to him as he was writing in his room on a daily basis. Caldo recalls that it had been a difficult couple of months, with troubles cropping up here and there, and that the only way for him to escape was through music. After hours of searching online for beats, he eventually found one and purchased it shortly after.

Caldo is a 16 year old rapper & song-writer who hails from London, United Kingdom, The young rapper is so passionate about music which a lot of people say they haven’t seen in anyone. He can (and have) stayed up all night writing even if the next day he have mock exams etc, Caldo said none of that matters to him because he know what he wants to do which is ultimately music.

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The young rapper Caldo said writing about him would be a huge help to the growth of his brand due to the fact that he is young and without a label, financing everything by himself. Caldo also added that balancing music and school means he have less time for work for the financial side of music, which is of course promotion. So to the press/blogs out there please show the young rapper love by sharing his content across your platforms.

Listen to Caldo ‘From the Vein’ song below.

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