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Hello and welcome to our blog one and all! Let’s give a warm welcome to the Norwegian band Von Krogh. Von Krogh consists of  Elias von Krogh as the lead vocalist, Adrian Michelsen also on guitar, Aadne Salen Sandvik on the keys, Phillip Mjaatvedt on bass, and Filip Blindheim on drums/perc.

The group has released an album called “Waves” which was released on 27th October. This awesome album has a total of nine songs on it and is sure to amuse listeners. Now let me tell you more about it

The song “Scales” opens the record. The song opens with the most enchanting percussion and sound you’ve ever heard. In the song, the character reassures a person who sparks his attention that things will work out and that “it’s not your fault.” The vocal delivery was clear and intense, and the guitar solo was amazing. A preview of the upcoming musical journey is provided by the song!

The song that comes next is called “Costs.” Dreamy guitar chords open this country-inspired song before the vocal delivery starts. The lyrics of the song depict the highs and lows of life, saying things like “life is amazing, when you’re high above it all, but should you start bracing for the ground I hear it call” and “wasn’t prepared for this at all.” This is a beautiful song with a message that encourages you to persevere and stand tall in life. What a beautiful message!

As soon as the song “When It Rains” begins, you get excited, and the vocal performance completely engulfs you. The character in the song goes back to his girlfriend in an effort to find closure following a contentious breakup. You can clearly and vividly picture the story in the song because to the use of alliteration and rain imagery, which also strengthens the song’s message. The song has a really wonderful, extremely precise ending thanks to the bass and other guitar sounds that appear near the end.

Letters from the Sea” comes next. Beautiful guitar tones and the sound of rain in the background open the tune. The character in the song poses the question, “so you think you know me,” to a woman who has been receiving his letters and claims to know him. The song is incredibly delicate, bluesy, and dreamy, and it closes with the same sounds—that of rain.

Then comes, “I was on the beach.” The electric guitar strums slowly throughout the song, as do the sound of rushing waves. You get these completely immersive experiences with the sound of the waves, making you feel as though you’re actually on the beach with the waves crashing at your feet! This music has the ability to transport you to the beach no matter where you are!

The opening piano tones of “Birds” are accompanied by amazing mouth percussion. The lyrics “we’re all birds on the run” equate all of our lives to those of birds. The band did a very fantastic job of bringing the bleak and unique comparison between human life and bird life to life, which is quite deep and engaging and gives life a different perspective!

The song “Sheets” opens with eerie mouth percussion and a melancholic piano tone. This gloomy track, which discusses sleep, thoughts, and mental health, is a nice change of pace for the album.(“Do you just walk in your sleep or are you restless?”). The song is amazing, but what really makes it thrilling sonically are the piano notes and mouth percussion, which give the song a spooky vibe.

Next is “Waves”. The begins with light guitar strums and then the vocal performance begins. The song talks about being free from something that weighs you down (”I’ll be released from the waves”). The persona has freed himself and is trying to save someone as well. Them drowning or not being heard is a metaphor for someone who is extremely depressed or is having some inner struggles as all men do. The performance as a whole is outstanding and will create a unique soundscape for listeners

The Album ends with another country infused song titled “How wrong could I be?”. The song is about self discovery. In the song, the persona is realizes that he doesn’t certain people or certain things to feel loved or to feel whole. This self realization is beautiful and encourages listeners to accept and love themselves no matter what. With this beautiful tune, the album comes to a close.

I was not prepared for the range of musical talent and rollercoaster of emotions that I went on!. This album contains something for every type of music lover no matter what genre you prefer. Von Krogh is most definitely on their way to stardom and I can’t wait to see what they put out next

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