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Do not call me names if you disagree with my beliefs, Okyeame Kwame advises detractors.

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Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame has recently stirred controversy with his outspoken opinions on various topics, including marriage, religion, climate change, and nature.

While Okyeame Kwame, who is now touring in support of his most recent song, “Insha Allah,” thinks that debate is healthy, he finds it intolerable when opponents attack him personally and use derogatory language instead of addressing the main points of his views

When someone is saying let’s not eat turtles because they have a particular role they play in the sea and they keep the world safe, and your best answer ‘is your mother’, that is what I don’t get, it decreases the discourse and take it to a realm that I’m unable to make my valid points. For instance, people have disagreed with me for saying it is inhuman to beat homosexuals and humiliate them on the streets.

If you have any contrary opinion to that, just mention but don’t come and insult me, my mother and my family,” he added.

He emphasizes the importance of maintaining respectful and constructive discourse in public discussions.

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