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Hello, dearest music lovers and readers I’m super excited to welcome back to our blog the ridiculously talented Gary Dranow from Park City. Dranow has done it again guys! He has collaborated again with the amazing band The Manic Emotions to bring to you another great song called “ Black Coal Lung” which was released on 14th March. Now I know that you know what Dranow and The Manic Emotions are capable of but let me tell you more about this song

The song is opened with some very snazzy blues harp sounds that draw you in as Dranow tells the story about a community’s plight and their fight against environmental injustice

“Black Coal Lung” depicts the harsh reality of living in a small Ohio town where a coal power station hurts the locals. The song’s lyrics effectively convey the hardships that locals go through every day as a result of the plant’s stacks’ constant barrage of small particles. The air is contaminated (”underneath the blackened skies”)by these harmful emissions, which causes a rise in respiratory conditions like asthma, cancer, and other crippling lung ailments. Not only are they suffering physically but psychologically too ( “ our days are dark and our spirit’s numb”). Through these deeply impactful lyrics and the passionate performance, Dranow and the manic emotions effectively entertain and educate the masses about the plight of such vulnerable communities!

The song’s production, as always, demonstrates the band’s work ethic since it allows you to see how each member of the group uses their unique talent to create this incredibly gorgeous masterpiece. But the electric guitar solo deserves an honorable mention!!

With ‘Black Coal Lung,’ the band want to raise awareness of the difficult conditions that communities that live next to coal-fired power plants experience. This song emphasizes the critical need for social justice and environmental action, stressing the detrimental effects of industrial pollution on people’s psychological well-being and physical and mental health. Once again, Dranow strikes the ideal balance between battling societal concerns and opposing injustice while also providing amusement. He had accomplished that with “Bodywise” and again with “Black coal lung.” My question is what will he do next??


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