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Maijah My Time

Glitzy Singer Maijah Released “My Time” Single

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Maijah brings us to her latest chapter, the EP ‘Star Fairy,’ which will be released in late May and has already captured the attention of listeners and industry participants. ‘My Time,’ a slow-paced yet passionate and captivating song, gives us a taste of the album. ‘My Time,’ which features Maijah’s powerful voice, also reveals the artist’s compositional ability; the chorus comes thick and fast, giving an appealing melody that immediately engages the listener.

“My Time” starts with a subtle synth chord with a burlesque quality to its colour and waltz-like demeanour. Maijah’s vocal intonation is influenced by Amy Winehouse as the song settles into a more cinematic tone before transitioning into a trap beat with rhythmic guitar and bass. During this stanza, Maijah shows off her vocal prowess, yet the musical quickly transforms into an electronic aggressive bass hook.

Maijah My Time

Maijah has excellent vocal control and a wide range of vocal stylistic delivery and rhythms, making the song feel like it’s jumping between many different genres while remaining cohesive thanks to Maijah’s voice. There’s also an unusual bridge with vocoding vocals before the last hook, which ultimately leads to the last hook, which is the song’s greatest and most dramatic point. Nic Casey’s production is outstanding, giving a dynamic, professional-sounding instrumental for a tremendous talent like Maijah to fully display her abilities.

Maijah expresses her utmost confidence in the lyrics, stating where she deserves to be in life and that she would not be deterred. The second stanza is practically written in a battle-style fashion, with her talking to her opponents and announcing that she will be up next. To illustrate her thesis, the composition does so by highlighting her many styles in each segment of the work. Maijah’s range has undeniably borrowed elements from her influences to create her own unique sound. We’re excited to hear more from the singer-songwriter, who has tremendous production and songwriting skills.

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Maijah is a glitzy, star-studded singer-songwriter who blends contemporary issues with spiritual symbolism. She draws inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio, Adele, and Doja Cat, and blends genre elements to create a unique sound. “My Time” is her new single, which will be included in her upcoming “Star Fairy” EP, and it does not disappoint.

Maijah’s “My Time” is assertive, slightly vengeful, strongly delivered, and masterfully produced. It was quite wonderful to listen to. Keep an eye out for Maijah, who has the voice and determination to succeed.

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