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Greetings dearest music fandom and cherished readers worldwide!! We welcome to our blog again upland-based artist THE PROJECT. THE PROJECT collaborated with Mykele Hill and brought us the beautiful song “What’s It Going to Take “ and he’s back with another project ( see what I did there?) and it is called “Hope”. The song was released on 1st March and strap in folks because you are in for quite a ride

The intro of the song is exciting as you hear the beautiful guitar sounds that ease you into the performance. You can tell there and then it’s going to be a memorable song and a unique sonic voyage

The theme of the song is heartbreak and loss. In the song THE PROJECT makes a callback to fights he’s had with his partner (”another endless fight “) and the effect it’s had on him (” one more sleepless night”). He goes on further to question himself as to whether he could have done anything to make his partner stay with him (” What could I have said to make you stay”), he Ponders over the lost relationship, but as he licks his wounds he holds out hope and believes that things will get better eventually (” I know it gets better, I hope it gets better”). The song is introspective and inspiring and the vocal performance is passionate and flawless. This tune is a very good song and will thrill and excite you

In terms of production, the song was composed by Dennis Hill and James Davis. Nathan Walker, a former “lit” drummer, played the drums on this song, and what an outstanding drumming sound he delivered! The elements of the song stand out individually and don’t overshadow the artist’s performance so you can feel the emotions he wants to convey in the song. What an outstanding attribute this song has!

THE PROJECT has done it again guys!! He has delivered a perfect song with great musical instrumentation, insightful and relatable lyrics, and flawless vocal delivery!! I have come to expect nothing short of greatness from him and he is yet to disappoint!

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