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Greetings most cherished readers and music enthusiasts worldwide! Let’s turn our attention to Phoenix Phoenix-based duo JANE N’ THE JUNGLE. After their “Ocean Creatures” EP was released in March 2022, Chuck Alkazian created the much-awaited “Life of the Party “EP at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI on 23rd February .“Life of the Party” is a six-track EP that boldly slices with vocals by Jordan White and guitars by Brian Dellis, who delivers a tremendous punch in the modern rock genre, separating Jane N’ The Jungle from their contemporaries with an atmospheric sound that is all their own. With a raw sense of attitude and bite, the record enthrallingly portrays the anger, frustration, and toxicity each single bears. Let’s get into the details of this fantastic EP

“Dirty Dog” is the first track of this EP which was released in June 2022 and is about a sexual assault, setting the tone for this dark, intense rock record. The lyrics depict the feeling of the persona in the moment. Sexual assault victims feel used and abused and the line “You got me feeling used” is a clear indication of what the song is trying to talk about. Although the lyrics are bleak and sad, the musical instruments are intense and vibrant. The guitar aspects of the song shine through and match the vocal performance which is thrilling and the drums prepare you for the direction and tone the EP is going to take

One other rock tune that starts with a lot of energy is “Metal Ghost.” The lyrics of the song describe how a persona becomes enmeshed in a specific individual and finds it impossible to let go. The persona is completely lost in this sensation, as the statement “I’m tired of counting my losses, cause I’m lost without you” makes clear. The combination of Brian’s incredible guitar playing ( he’s a guitar wizard)and Jordan’s powerful vocals creates an earth-shaking sound that will thrill your eardrums.

Next, we have “Wasteland “ yet another rock-infused song that talks about the persona asking her partner to act like they love them and fight for their relationship. The song compares their relationship to that of a wasteland and a place of nothingness. Jordan’s vocal performance is so passionate that as she sings the lyrics of the song she relays how desperate the persona feels about the state of her relationship and allows you to feel the despair and hopelessness with her. The arrangement of the song helps you to connect and relate to the situation which is an outstanding quality this song has.

One more rock tune is “Cut Me Open.” The song is about going through a difficult transformation to become a completely new and different person for your partner. The power dynamics in a toxic relationship are portrayed in the song when one partner changes who they are because they don’t feel good enough for the other. The vocals are well-synced with a dark and twisted melody, which will sound even better live.
The song “Bed of Roses” comes next, with a lovely bass guitar intro before the vocal performance kicks in. The song’s lyrics give instances of pairings between various objects, such as sugar and spice and milk and honey. Fundamentally, the discussion is around the intricacy of relationships and their potential for complexity. Again, I’d want to commend Brian for his amazing guitar work and Jordan for his voice, which is like something out of heaven and takes listeners to a different realm.

The song “Life of the Party” is the last one, and it opens with some eerie, mysterious noises. The song discusses the multiple realms of addiction and becoming someone’s drug, it also describes
how people try to hide their issues by becoming the life of the party, but they don’t want to go down that path. This EP closes on a great note with a song that will be with you long after it ends.

“Life of the Party” by JANE N THE JUNGLE is a rollercoaster of emotions. Will you like it even if you are not a fan of rock music? Most Definitely!. With an unforgettable performance, Jane N’ The Jungle has gained the admiration and support of media outlets such as MTV’s Spankin’ New, Music Choice, Spotify’s Fierce Femmes, All New Rock, Women of Rock, Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock, New in Rock, and Fresh Blood, and features in Wonderland, Alt Press, Women That Rock, Loud Women, and The Hype Magazine. The EP contains amazing hit songs, each with a completely different yet important message, and with accolades like theirs they are not a one-hit wonder but are here to stay!

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