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Kwesi Arthur still an emerging artiste on global scene

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During a recent interview on Shobiz Tv’s ShobizChat, NYB Live commented on Kwesi Arthur’s performance at Davido’s A.W.A.Y Festival in the United States, stating that the audience’s lukewarm response was due to limited exposure to his music on the global stage.

He was rising on that stage. Kwesi hasn’t received much attention lately, particularly in the United States. Even while it might have seemed like a tiny gathering, the stage gave him a big platform, according to NYB Live. “Being able to do it in the American market is a privilege. I’m not sure if he is someone people know, but he is making an impression because that stage was beneficial for him. At least we saw him, and maybe that will serve as inspiration for him to make a greater and better comeback.”

Fans anticipated Kwesi Arthur’s performance at the festival but were left disappointed, with some describing it as subpar. Critics argued that his low-tempo performance led to a dispersed crowd.

Kwesi Arthur thanked Davido and his crew for the chance in response to the conflicting evaluations. He boldly declared that he would have carried on with the performance even if there had been just two audience members. “The ‘Ground Up’ crooner responds to differing views about his A.W.A.Y Festival appearance by telling critics to’shove their opinions up their asses

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