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Today, I’m excited to welcome to our blog Roma-based artist Massimo De Simone who in his catalog has delivered masterful songs like “Natale e qua “ and now he delivers to our doorsteps his latest release “La canzone dei pianeti “. The song was released on the 28th of December and will surely take listeners on an unexpected and delightful ride. Let’s talk more about the song.

The song begins with this dreamy and orchestral vibes. The piano is heavy yet light at the same time. Massimo sings in his native language, a beautiful language it is. You may truly surrender to and lose yourself in the music because of its mellow, gentle pace. The relationship between a father and son is the subject of the song. By the end, you get to hear the little son’s voice, which melts your heart.

The song talks about the relationship between two close family members and it hits close to home the vocal performance makes it that much more emotional

The mixture of the musical instruments gives the song an angelic and majestic feel that will resonate with the listeners. This song will be so powerful to listen to in person!

To conclude, this is a beautiful song, one that we might take decades before it gets a replacement. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and intuition to write a song that flows effortlessly off your tongue while having so many different textures and ideas. This is what Massimo brings to the table and it is refreshing. I’m excited to see what he puts out next.

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