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Maestro review: There are moments of brilliance in Bradley Cooper’s new movie

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Although Bradley Cooper’s new film Maestro tells the story of legendary American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, it stands apart from conventional biopics in large part due to its impressionistic style, which prioritises creating beautiful images over reciting biographical details. This idea revolves around the idea that everyone, including celebrities, are inherently unpredictable

In addition to directing Maestro, Cooper also stars in the lead role — just as he did in 2018’s A Star Is Born. In his directorial debut, Cooper explored the allure of artistic fame in America: how it can seemingly come out of nowhere; how it can fulfill the rags-to-riches dream that his country has always promised; and how, eventually, it can drain you dry

Interviewers and loved ones question Cooper’s character Bernstein throughout the movie about his motivations. His only response is a straightforward one: It all stems from his passion for music. This is demonstrated in sequences where he conducts choirs and orchestras, as Cooper captures the sweating intensity of Bernstein’s numerous recorded performances

Maestro opens Nov. 22 in select theaters and will be available to stream Dec. 20 on Netflix.

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