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Greetings to all of our cherished readers and music lovers, let’s welcome to our blog New York artist Miles East. This incredible artist released a 10-song album called “Between Lightning and Thunder” on 7th June. The songs on “Between Lightning and Thunder” are a journey through the murky seas of a failing relationship. As East puts it, “Some songs are the dark water itself, portending imminent danger or its ever-present threat,” while others act as far-off beacons of light guiding the traveler through that darkness. Let’s Talk about this album in more detail.

“Better than Here is the album’s title track. The song starts with these gentle and heavenly instruments before East begins this emotive vocal performance. In the song, the character feels stuck in his current relationship and his torment hoping that there’s a place better than where they are. (“It’s got to be better somehow, better than here, better than now”)The song is a double entendre of hoping for a better place emotionally and geographically. The vocal performance is very heartfelt and the instruments match his voice. This song prepares you for the rest of the musical journey

The next song is called “All Hands on Deck”. The song has a burst of energy from the get-go. This song is also a metaphor for life and the ship that is about to go down represents life or difficult situations. The song encourages unity and coming together as one to face our struggles together(“forecasting a course of certain fate, so it’s all hands on deck”). The song has a delicious melody that you drink in as you ponder the song’s lyrics

The next is called “Lying Down”. The album pivots a little with this song. It feels stripped down because of the guitar work in the beginning. The song describes the aftermath of a breakup when you’re feeling low. The song encourages you to embrace the low points to gather strength to face the world or our problems again (“and the moment will come when we have the strength to admit what was long ago gone, to stand up and shake off the regret”) (“but until then it feels better lying down”). The song lyrics are clear cut and the performance is beautiful

Next is the song called “It’s Ours to Lose”. The song opens with a very calm and gentle guitar strum. The song describes the complexities of romantic relationships and how the persona handles them. (“Our conversation, crucial destination, desperately avoided yet again”). The guitar work on this song is fancy and is lined through every part of the song

“Lucky to be here tonight” is the title of the next song. The song has an upbeat intro. The song describes an out-of-town place that is beautiful and special to the characters in the song(“just outside of town beyond the sounds of the world around us”). They feel lucky that they’re taking in the beauty around them. (we’re lucky to be here tonight”). The instrumentation gives off this laid-back and relaxing feel that you will enjoy

The title of the next song is “For a Sky of Crimson. The song has a unique and beautiful sound. The song describes a character in a Rocky relationship (“with a storm in your eyes”)According to him the relationship is so far gone that he has taught himself to look for things that make him happy elsewhere (“I’ve trained my sites on your morning rise for a sky of crimson”). The song is a sad realization that a relationship has ended and you feel the disappointment the character feels in the vocal performance

Next is the song “Circling the drain”. The song starts with some very nice guitar sounds. The song is about a point in life where you’re at a crossroads and need to choose to do what is right, in this case, the persona is finding it difficult to make that choice so goes round and round(“Can I right the wrong or do we carry on, circling the drain”). The song has this guitar solo that will captivate you just as the song does

The album’s namesake “Between lightning and thunder” is the song that follows. The song is a big beautiful reassurance of love from the character to his beloved. He promises to wait for her as long as it takes (“waiting for you in the endless moment between lightning and thunder”). He also promises to keep her together whenever she falls into pieces(“I’ll set out all my nets to catch your pieces as they fall”). The song is amazing and the emotive vocal performance will enthrall you

“Song of Hope” is the song that follows. The song’s intro is very vibrant. the song presents a character who admits that he and someone close to him have been through a lot(“nobody does it better, no one can hold a candle to our pain”) but he is holding out for hope that things will get better(“it’s gonna take a leap of faith but I simply can’t wait to hear our song of hope”). The song begins with disparity yet ends on a hopeful note which will evoke this sensitive sensation within you

The album ends with the song “All I Need”. The song starts with wistful and dreamy guitar sounds. The character in the song found it difficult to love(“but you held strong while I battled my way toward love”), however, the woman he fell for was not discouraged and held fast for him to also fall in with her(“then it would seem you are all I need. The song was so sensitive and pure culminating this sonic experience with a long-lasting feeling

For this new record, East was joined in the studio by Morgan (bass, electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and multi-hyphenate musician Justin Goldner (electric guitars, baritone). I’ve collaborated in the studio with Blake on numerous occasions, including my debut album,” recalls East. But this time, we wanted to add Justin, who is the most talented and beautiful musician you will ever meet, to the mix to create something new. Only these three musicians were able to capture the breadth and depth of the sound I wanted resulting in this breathtaking album and they succeeded beyond expectation. Look out world! Miles East is going to take over soon!

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