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ReHumanise Elemental

ReHumanise Releases Latest Single “Elemental”

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ReHumanise is the solo endeavour of writer and producer Damian Brady, who is from Dublin (boasting a top 5 hit in Ireland under his belt). The new-wave-inspired artist made his debut in 2020, and since then, four singles have been published, demonstrating his songwriting skills and distinctive taste in productions with a throwback feel. Brady’s most recent attempt, “Elemental,” which was published earlier this month, is one of those four songs.

ReHumanise’s vocal conveys something ritualistic and primitive while being encased in streams of signals. The emotional experience provided by “Elemental” engages directly with the digitalized aural environment, which looks to be a miniature version of the modern world. ReHumanise uses poetry to access the ideation and visuals in a way that feels smooth and kind. The massive beats and hypnotic melodies that seem to be a recurring element in ReHumanise’s music are present in “Elemental” as well. However, the essence of his music always refers to the human experience and basic emotional storytelling in the form of a shout or scream.

ReHumanise infuses those emotive and sentimental melodic riffs with a rich, in-depth atmosphere. It has a Radiohead-like quality to it, notably in the way the multi-instrumentalist and producer experiments and discovers while fusing together various sounds and genre-fluid influences. However, his groovy, electro-inspired electric guitar riffs have a faint resemblance to Johnny Marr’s work from The Smiths. The creative growth that gradually delves deeper into a track also appears to reflect the route Marr is taking with his solo endeavour.

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ReHumanise releases “Love You Wake” and “Are You Warm,” two world music sensations, in 2021. His most recent release takes an entirely different tack. In the past, the songs “Hu Man” and “We Are Strong” shown how deep electronics and world music can coexist. The two seemingly disparate genres seem to have some characteristics, and ReHumanise has discovered the melting point that so masterfully combines both experiences into his own artistic creation.

A lengthy, evocative, and nostalgic jam, “Elemental” organises the music into a unique category where electronica meets organic songwriting and vintage meets current. It does this by incorporating synthwave-inspired arpeggios with New Wave reverbed voices. ReHumanise uses a dreamy vocal style and sings in long, prolonged notes that, when combined with heavy effects, accentuate Brady’s delivery’s cosmic character, which may be what ultimately sends us into a blissful state.

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