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Hello, most esteemed readers and music lovers worldwide. Today we feature the wonderful work of the artist and RHEIN. Reinier van den Haak’s (Krach, Roosbeef) musical side project is called RHEIN. In recent years, he had decided to combine his two passions after concentrating more on his career as a psychologist. RHEIN has created a lovely song for his fans titled “Daar”. The song was released on the 2nd of February. Let me tell you about the song

The song gives off this dark and mysterious vibe heard right from the start. RHEIN then invites you into his beautiful musical world with this song being the one-way ticket!

The character in the song is fervently attempting to cling onto his relationship until the very last minute and the song’s theme revolves around giving your significant other your best in your relationship (“I’ll give you all I’ve got”). RHEIN communicates with you and invites you into his mindscape via his vocal delivery, which truly immerses you in the world, and the story is delivered.

This lovely song is sung entirely in German and starts like a ballad. Beautiful guitar tones can be heard throughout the song, but as it progresses, the urgency and strong synth sounds increase, and the song ultimately returns to its original form as a ballad. From beginning to end, the song’s intricate elegance will have you on the edge of your seat.

Congratulations to RHEIN for incorporating his two passions to make this moving piece of music about steadfastness and the importance of never giving up on those you love. This song is one for the books. First stop your playlists, next stop THE WORLD!!

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