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Hello music lovers and dearest readers today we shine a light on The Vancouver-based psychedelic doom grunge duo Post Death Soundtrack. The band is Made up of Stephen Moore (vocals, guitars, lyrics), Jon Ireson (bass, additional guitars, production), and Casey Lewis on drums. “Veil Lifter,” their fourth full-length album, was released on April 16. Now let’s talk about the album in more detail

The ominous Rock tune “At the edge of it all” draws listeners into the record. This little opening track features the album’s voice and prepares you for the rest of the musical journey

Next up is The amazing song “The Die Is Cast” starts out with a Beatles reference, but with the slow, pounding percussion and chugging guitar riffs while Moore howls about apocalyptic visions he believes will come true, and the song really leans towards Black Sabbath territory. You’ve never heard anything like this sound before and will excite you

In “Killer Of The Doubt,” listeners get to experience Lewis’s powerful, well-honed drumming evoke the complexity of Rush’s Neil Peart, while the song’s platinum-cutting layers of sound are layered in by wall-of-sound harmonics. Moore’s voice has a sinister slant to it, with a tight, icy, yet incredibly potent modulation.

The next tune is called “Icy Underground.” Because of the visceral layers of dark dread and Moore’s spine-tingling, chant-like vocals—which seem almost hypnotic, like a siren calling out to you—I really liked this particular song. The song also manages to capture the essence of an ill-defined sadness in a raw and deeply intense way

The song “Arjuna’s hunting hand” comes next. It begins with some meditative, quiet sounds before switching to a powerful, rich rock beat. The song has a beautifully crafted instrumentation and a menacing, twisted melody. The music is thrilling enough on its own, but hearing it live will be even more thrilling.

“Lowdown Animal,” the next song, that is another rocker song that talks about being betrayed and falling apart. The song has a strong gloomy energy. I was astounded by this song’s punk elements! Rock on!

The song “Tide turns red” opens with a fairly upbeat drum beat. The song essentially discusses end-of-the-world prophecies. This song transports you to an extremely heated place and has insanely good drum sound

The song “Burrowing Down the Spine” is the following one. The song doesn’t take long to get started, with a spooky guitar creep that gives way to a threatening vocal smoothness. The lyrics, particularly the title-referencing sequence, ooze a properly visceral engrossment, while the visual conveys a darkly futuristic gloom. The vocal scorching captures the attention completely and satisfies into the amazing ending as the “finger points to the void.” This was another super charged song

The next song is “Pin Prick,” a raw, intense song that cleverly and creatively turns off the system! You’ll be left with chills and a constant need for more of this tune

The next song has the title “Immovable. “It begins with ominous overtones topped by moaning vocals, before transitioning into a melody laced with black notes and dominated by Moore’s melancholy, melancholy voice. The song has powerful melodies and is a classic rock song.

The album’s title track, “Hammer Come Down,” is a strong, forceful tune roiling with furious drumming and shattering guitars. Moore’s voice had a viscous, claw-like strain that gives the song a jovial energy.-You get engrossed in the sound as the song progresses, and even when it ends, you’re left with a lasting impression.

“Veil lifter” is more than just an album; it’s a monument to the artistic expression and resiliency in the face of hardship, dedicated to the memory of Steve’s father, Ted George Moore. The group’s combined efforts quickly came together, with intense creative outbursts resulting in the album’s basic framework. The album reached its maximum intensity with the inclusion of vocal layers, catchy bass rhythms, and Casey Lewis’s contributions, providing 11 visceral tracks. I adored this incredible album and am eager to hear more from them.

Stream the “Veil Lifter” album on Spotify

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