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SamSeb Kierkegaard releases ‘Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness’ EP

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“I wanted to become an artist in the hope that my music can be relatable to people, and perhaps be the guide to the light unique to individuals in the midst of their darkness.”

SamSeb Kierkegaard’s unique and dramatic art is attracting attention! Listen to the new EP ‘Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness,’ which tells the story of a guy from Reality, the heroine Luna Moonlight, and the monster Uncertainty. An atmospheric and alternative release that sounds gigantic; it’s hard to imagine this was recorded in a bedroom with the purpose of not disturbing neighbours! As a result, we suggest that you play it loud and clear, as the aesthetic for each track takes the listener through darker pastures and evokes a variety of feelings. We strongly advise lovers of artistic bands like as Placebo and David Bowie to keep an eye on SamSeb Kierkegaard.

SamSeb Kierkegaard, a South Korean Alt-Rock artist, is a highly intriguing creator who explores the polarities of life through his incredibly intricate songwriting abilities. SamSeb discovered his affinity for performing at a young age but had never considered becoming an artist. SamSeb was inspired to write a song after being recalled of childhood sentiments by a Holly Humberstone music video during the UK 2020 lockdown. He discovered his sound through listening to Softcult’s dreamy, ethereal music on Spotify Release Radar, which completely resonated with him.

SamSeb’s songs presently manages to capture many people’s darkest emotions, such as anxiety, depression, denial, and rejection, and he incorporates existentialism philosophy and fictional character personality into his work; musicians are not SamSeb’s only influences, as he has always been drawn to the work of Soren Kierkegaard and Tim Burton. We can’t wait to hear how the songs from the ‘Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness’ EP translate to his future appearances after a successful show in Finsbury, London in support of Gabrielle Ornate!

Songs on the EP

  • Luna: The Invisible Irony
  • Luna: Luna Moonlight
  • Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder
  • Luna: The Myth of Sisyphus

“There’s something distinctly unique about Kierkegaard. In the same way that Bowie (who we can hear is a very clear influence on Kierkegaard) was one who followed his own path, Kierkegaard is someone who is producing music that is distinctly Kierkegaard. The music is eccentric art rock. It is unique and quirky and stands firmly in the self-belief of a true artist following their own path.”

Send Me Your Ears On ‘Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder’ (2022)

“Channelling a bold and blistering alt-rock direction from start to finish, ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ showcases some wonderfully vibrant aesthetics.”

Mystic Sons on ‘Luna: The Invisible Irony’ (2021)

“With yet another blistering showcase of expert musicianship, writing and fierce originality, on “Luna: Luna Moonlight” SamSeb Kierkegaard once again shows why he’s a true up-and-coming force in the modern rock scene.”

Plastic Mag on ‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’ (2022)

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