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Stars of “Survivor” Zeke Smith and “Superstore” actor Nico Santos are wed.

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We’ve been together for about six years, as far as we can tell,” Smith told People. “We have a joint bank account and own a house together. Our mutual emergency contact is each other. We are married by a variety of conventional measures. “But actually having the ceremony, making it legal, it’s about becoming a family,” he continued. It is ours forever. Through easy and hard, thick and thin. We are going to be the one to support each other.

Smith and Santos had no idea that the Nov. 4 ceremony would fall on the same weekend as Palm Springs’ 2023 Pride celebration. But instead, they chose to take advantage of it as a pretext to add some more flair to their wedding. Santos jokingly said, “It’s a big gay wedding.” “Since many of our guests identify as gay, we decided to continue with the original date of Pride weekend. So expect increased gay content.

At the Los Angeles GLAAD Media Awards in 2022, Smith shocked Santos by proposing to him live on stage. Given that the couple was introduced at the 2018 event, it was a wise decision.

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