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Thanksgiving Party’ with Eva Longoria — and Son Santiago Helps in the Kitchen

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On Thursday, the 48-year-old actress and producer posted a number of videos and pictures to Instagram showing her 5-year-old son Santiago, 55-year-old husband José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón, and other family members celebrating the holiday. In one video, she asks Santiago, “What are we doing?” while her kid gives her a tight hug. Then he shouts back, “Thanksgiving party!”

Longoria went on to say that her “huge family,” who all help with each other’s kids, is her “village” of support and “a lot of help” with her son. “I have an amazing husband who supports me, I have amazing sisters and I have amazing girlfriends who have kids the same age,” she stated to Faris. “So we all chip in and get it done.”

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