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The Infinity Process Losing Reality

The Infinity Process Releases Latest Track “Losing Reality”

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Losing Reality is the latest single from The Infinity Process. The band’s first single for the year 2022 is this song. With their heavy tones and even darker atmospheres, the hard rockers can undoubtedly establish the mood. It’s not every day that you come across a three-piece band with as much grit as The Infinity Process. Furthermore, the leading riffs and directing bass line, as well as the hard-hitting drums, keep the atmosphere warm. Kimberly Tingley, on the other hand, with her loud and robust voice, truly carries the music ahead. This song is edgy, grungy, and all over the place. As a rock enthusiast, there’s a lot to enjoy.

The Infinity Process is a melodic rock band from Toledo, Ohio, whose members include vocalist Kimberly Tingley, guitarist, bassist, and backup vocalist Jason Tingley, and drummer Brent Gfell. Their latest track, “Losing Reality,” is a follow-up to their previous single, “Sinister.”

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“Losing Reality” is in the Infinity Process style, but the Evanescence style of the song will quickly entice you. The melodic part of “Infinity Process” is highlighted by Kimberly’s vocals, which are combined with delicate yet loud hitting rhythms, while the guitar adds heaviness.

The Infinity Process Losing Reality

As per the group, “Losing Reality” is about how certain people are devoid of any emotion, empathy, and other basic human qualities, and they manipulate others to obtain what they want, no matter the cost. If you recall their previous single “Sinister,” you’ll see how it links to “Losing Reality” by discussing the evil forces at work in the world and how certain people live to manipulate and control others.

You’ll be mesmerised by the lyrics video, and before you know it, you’ll be singing along. This will entice you to explore the rest of Infinity Process’s discography and listen to their music; the lovable three-piece creates music for the open-minded, for those who aren’t scared to express their feelings. You’ll have a new favourite band by the time you’ve finished listening to “Losing Reality.”

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