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Victoria Monét’s Masterful “On My Mama” Video And Proves She Is Over Her Humble Persona

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The confidence that serves as the inspiration for Victoria Monét’s most recent hit, “On My Mama,” cannot be undermined by anything that someone could say to her. On August 25, the song “When they say, “She get it from her mama” / I’ma say, “You fuckin’ right” / Body rude, it’s unpolite / Done bein’ the humble type” will be heard on her debut album Jaguar II. Monét wholeheartedly embraces those affirmations in Child’s recently released “On My Mama” video.

Chalie Boy’s 2009 hit song “I Look Good” is cleverly sampled in “On My Mama,” so it makes sense that Monét included the rapper in the video for a brief cameo. Along with Earth, Wind, and Fire on “Hollywood,” the singer’s mother, Mommy Monét, will also make an appearance, as will her daughter Hazel. Monét truly meant it when she declared she was sick of being the meek kind. It’s all about unabashedly embracing that power in this day.

The music for positive affirmations is “On My Mama.” Though I wasn’t feeling well after giving birth, I composed it because it expressed how I wanted to feel. In a release, Monét said, “Singing the lyrics about yourself will change your frequency and elevate a positive mental state.” “The terms refer not only to physical attributes but also to an emotion since, in my opinion, when you’re happy, you look even better! It’s true that you look wonderful, so tell yourself what you need to hear! You are unique, and that’s all your mama’s fault. Have fun being who you are, witcha great ass!

With Jaguar II, Monét ushers in a new chapter in her career. She is eager to capitalise on the years of hard work she has spent developing her craft as an independent musician and earning a reputation as a gifted songwriter. The “On My Mama” video was revealed on Instagram, and Ariana Grande, one of her closest collaborators, replied, saying, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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