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Victoria Monet’s “On My Mama”will boost your confidence

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Victoria Monet is an American singer and songwriter who has been working hard to carve a name for herself in the music industry . This American bombshell has been making a name for herself with previous bangers like We might even be falling in love “ and “Alright “. Monet is back again and is intent on giving her fans what they keep asking for with the release of a remix of her hit single “Road Trip” . The song was released on 16th June and immerses listeners intently into a fantastic summer vibe, now relax and enjoy this spicy review of mine.

Monet’s vocals match the tone of the song and distinguishes it from other types of summer songs. It opens with electric piano sounds, warm synth and pop sounds that give a great outside and summery vibe. Her energetic voice blends perfectly with the rest of the instruments and really brings the song to life. She presents a very clear picture of someone who is confident in her massive beauty and swagHer clever use of the great musical interaction and the lyrics tackle a very serious topic of self worth in a very light and fun way, the song will make you feel warm and giddy on the inside with its clever and fun lyrics

Thematically the song talks about appreciating one’s beauty and one’s self With notable lyrics like “I put that on my own mama “ , “ I look fly , I look good “The competent use of words, metaphors and repetitive nature of certain words really drive home what Monet is trying to say. She eloquently describes how she good she looks and how Beautiful she is which pervades the song. The song visually transports listeners into a confident state of mind with its lyrics.

The instrumental arrangement of “Road Trip Remix” is equally important as the lyrics. . The throbbing drum beat, the trumpet and smooth piano touches really thrusts the listener into the rebellious and adventurous nature of the song. Monet’s beautiful and seductive vocals definitely raises “On My Mama”to another level. Her voice captures the spirit of the words easily, generating a fun and lively atmosphere sure to draw listeners right in

In conclusion “On My Mama” by Victoria Monet is a musical masterpiece that is a true summer escape. The song’s lyrics along with Monet’s incredible vocals and the production genius culminate into stunningly beautiful work. Not only does it tell a compelling story but is fun to listen to. This single is a testament to Monet’s music versatility, beautiful artistry and her great ability to really listen and connect with her fans through her music. The song is an incredible addition to her discography and shows her professionalism and a feather in a cap. It will fit great into any playlist especially summer playlists and will appeal to music fans of all genres

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