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Greetings, dearest gentle reader and music fans, let’s give a warm welcome to US artist Amanda Holley. Hot off her last release “Ride or Die”

The multi-racial, 5 Octave singer-songwriters, musician, and Grammy Recording Academy Member is pumping on the acceleration pedal by leasing a new single called On 28th June called “Seasoning”. Let me tell you more about this song

As soon as the beat drops, you’re met with a whirlwind of unique songs and know right away that this song is going to be amazing

The lyrics portray the persona’s romantic relationship (” Baby you got me, so glad that you found me”) she goes on to say how she loves the unpredictable nature of their relationship and how each day with her partner is different and exciting(“love the way every day nothing is the same”). She lists various seasonings, both salty and sweet, and likens them to her feelings. The song is a great song and Amanda puts her wide vocal range on display which coordinates with the beat of the song

The new song is a collaboration with co-writers 4x GRAMMY WINNING GC, aka “GATE CITIZENS,” & EMMILLIENNE BELLAIRE, with additional help from Amanda Holley. Amanda channeling the divine feminine, her stunning, soulful & spicy, rhythmic RnB pop anthem will captivate you, and leave no crumbs behind

With a powerful and savory, immersive R&B/pop anthem, Amanda Holley pays a heartfelt ode to soul music, touching on her most seductive flavors and deepest desires for love and music. The lyrics are lovely and sympathetic, and the song itself is flawless. This song was masterfully composed by Amanda, and there’s only one direction to go from here, UP

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