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Hi music lovers and dearest readers. Today we shine our spotlight on DATABASS. 21-year-old female composer and producer DataBass, whose real name is Katie Arndt, works in a variety of genres. With a focus on ambient pop, DATABASS has recently explored jazz and funk, demonstrating a wide variety of musical expressions. She is concentrating on commercial music while studying music media production at Ball State University. She studies voice, both commercial and classical. DataBass hopes to use her distinctive compositions to further the field of visual storytelling in the film and television industries.

2014 saw DataBass begin her musical adventure, motivated by the alluring chords and melodies and has since released beautiful songs like “Ephemera” and “Stay with U” which she made with Gilson’S. Her latest release is called “Animal Eyes” and was released on 2nd February. Let me tell you more about the song

This jazz-infused song is quite exhilarating from the jump. DATABASS’s clear and harmonious voice draws you in to join her on this fantastic ride.” Animal Eyes” is an inventive and poignant examination of resiliency and heartbreak. The song is a distinctive fusion of pop, funk, and jazz that creates an engrossing auditory experience

Thematically, The song addresses issues of internal conflict about leaving a toxic relationship, loss, and betrayal. The protagonist feels as though they’ve been abandoned for dead, and the lyrics powerfully capture the anguish of being emotionally torn apart. The idea of “beast inside” and “animal eyes” alludes to the other person’s predatory and deceptive tendencies. The protagonist learns that, despite the pain and restless nights, he or she must fight back and end the misery caused by the person with “animal eyes.” When the protagonist faces the predatory force in their relationship, the song exudes strength and empowerment. What more can you expect from such an amazing song, and what a message!

With this new song produced and recorded at her university’s cutting-edge studios, DATABASS displays her musical talent. The scatting she did during the song is an absolute jaw-dropping surprise. Although DataBass composed and produced the song on her own, she also solicited the help of a gifted classmate who functioned as the production’s drummer and recording engineer, which was crucial to the song’s success.

Overall, “Animal Eyes” by DATABASS is a majestic song that depicts the situation of most modern relationships with its poignant lyrics and very impressive vocals. The song is very vibrant and catchy and will stay with the listener long after the song has ended. She is a force to be reckoned with and is going to be a superstar

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