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Greetings music lovers and readers. Today we highlight the work of the UK band Whisky Por Favor. Spanish vocalist and guitarist Javier Burón and Scottish guitarist Innes Cardno are the creators of Whisky Por Favor Their distinct sound combines eerie Scottish and other melodies with the scorching beats of traditional Spanish and Latin American genres. On 21st June the pair Released a 12-song album also called “Whisky por favor”. Let’s talk more about this album.

“Matadero” is the title of the album’s first song. The song means slaughterhouse in English. The song begins with a groovy guitar sound, right from the bat you can hear the Latin influences through the guitar work. The song is entirely Spanish but the beat  is so enticing that you feel like letting go and dancing your worries away.

“Jota” is the title of the next song. The song opens with very electric guitar sounds. The title of the song translates to “whom”. The guitar is prevalent throughout but in a different sound which will captivate you throughout the song and you will be swept away by it beguiling vibe

The title of the next song is titled “Todo el Mundo sabe (de todo)”. The title of the song translates to “Everyone knows(about everything)”.the song is beautifully sung with so much enthusiasm and there is a trumpet or saxophone sound that will give you an out worldly experience. The sound is so rich that you are instantly impressed by the band’s performance

In “The Northern Lights of Aberdeen” the character in the song talks of how the northern lights are home to him and the beauty they possess (“The northern lights of Aberdeen is home sweet home to me”). The song is very intoxicating and the rest of the song is sung in Spanish. The song draws you into a world and you can actually picture these northern lights in your mind’s eye ,the vocal performance deserves a standing ovation and an encore.

The song that follows is called “Gavotte Montagne”. The song is opened by a spectacular guitar solo. As the song builds so do the guitar sounds, ranging from one oscillation to another. This song is a love letter performed by stringed instruments and ends with a magical flourish at the end that will blow your mind, also you can be able to hear the different cultures of the band fusing and coming together in harmony

Next is the song “Todo va bien”. The title of the song translates to “Everything is going well”. This is another song that will get you tapping your feet or full-on dancing. Do you imagine yourself doing the tango with a partner??this is the song for you. You can sway to the music yourself or dance with a partner

Next is the song “El Preso No.7”. The title of the song translates loosely to “prisoner”, so in this case prisoner number 7. With this song, the album pivots to a slower tempo. The other musical instruments are dulled so you can hear the passionate vocal performance. The song and guitar solo alone will impress you wildly because of the richness of the music that you are hearing

“A Thousand Love Songs” is the song that comes next on the album. Fancy guitar sounds are what you hear when you start the song. The song is about a person who has been hurt and is expressing his heartbreak after experiencing love and companionship(” The Girls Who Inspired a Thousand Love Songs and a million tears”). The song is a profound song that talks about the positives and negatives of being in a relationship. The song again educates listeners about the different cultures of the band and you are also enticed into the message embedded in the song

Next is the song called “Los dias incertos”. The title of the song translates to “the uncertain days”. This country-infused song still remains in the Spanish vein and is a great guitar solo. This foot-tapping song is one that you will find yourself dancing to the great melodies in this track. The song really solidifies the fact that everything sounds better in Spanish with it’s rich melodies and captivating structure

The next song is called “Prelude” The instrumentation in this song is very vibrant and the trumpet solo is astonishing. Every part of this song is breathtaking and will make you fall in love with it. As the song builds so does your excitement and this is a powerful quality for any song to possess

“El Sindrome Del Emigrado. This is yet another song that is sung in Spanish. The song has a catchy and unique sound that is charismatic and extremely charming. The hard-work and dedication of the band really pops off in this song. They obviously had fun recording and do not hide their joy but rather invite you to bask into this joy that they are feeling

The last song on the record is called “Interlude”. This song is a fusion of violin and guitar sounds. The beauty of this song and it’s harmonies are what I imagine heaven to be like. this song was a magnificent way goodbye to the listeners for going with them on a journey of a lifetime

This album was nothing short of greatness. We are shown the roots and the culture of the band . The band revealed parts of themselves to us and we were able to connect with them on a more personal level like never before I may not have understood the lyrics but I felt the passion and dedication of the band and what the songs meant for them, also the instrumentation and vocal performance  were crisp and flawlessly.Whiskey Por Favor is a talented duo and I can’t hear more from them.

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