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Foley Disappointed

Foley Latest Song “Disappointed” Finally Released

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With all the hallmarks of a timeless song and the ability to fit a variety of moods and vibes, “Disappointed” is undoubtedly a tune that listeners will play repeatedly. creating the ideal listening experience for every situation.

The musician returns in 2022 with a strong challenger for his ever growing library following a handful of single releases in 2021. “Disappointed” is the title. Through thoughtful lyrics and alluring vocal tone, an inspiring backdrop and story are brought to life. The musician flows admirably over an 808-backed beat, guitar chords picked on a guitar, and jabbing high hats while fusing elements of Indie Trap with some catchy Pop influences. The song effortlessly ranks among the current pop trends and blends in with the commercial world. Foley, though, stays in his own lane, offering uniqueness while adhering to the current sounds of the contemporary market.

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Foley explained the song making process, he said: “The whole concept around the song is based off the idea that I never chose the “normal” life path that most of our parents would like us to take,” said Foley. “I’ve lived a very non-conventional lifestyle that has been hard for my family to deal with and I’m sure sometimes they wish I chose a safer career. But at the end of the day through all struggle/disappointment I know I’m happy with what I’m doing and would do it again in a heartbeat”

Foley is a Californian artist who is 28 years old and from Rohnert Park. The artist, who is currently based in Los Angeles, began playing the guitar when he was just eight years old. Foley was obviously a talented musician. The artist improved his technique and developed his own distinctive sound with a degree in music production.

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