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Hello, music lovers and lovely readers let’s welcome back to our blog the amazing Gary Dranow. Gary made us cry with the heart-wrenching “Hadrian’s Wall “ and electrified us with “Ripping” and “Digitize and has no plans of slowing down and we’re here for it! The Manic Emotions and Gary Dranow collaborated to bring to us” Bodywise” which was released on February 22, 2024. This song explores the pressures that society places on young women by fusing storytelling with pop-rock. The band, which has members from Park City, Utah, Melbourne, Australia, and Ukraine, is inspired by both social issues and individual experiences. Let me tell you more about the song.

“Bodywise” captivates you the moment it starts. With the calm guitar sounds and then Dranow begins to charm you with his magnetic voice. He sings passionately about how Society’s voice affects self-worth and self-esteem and captivates you through his unique storytelling and musical arrangements.

The song addresses a very tough topic through its lyrics.” Bodywise” examines the pressures young women encounter when defying social conventions and depicts the band’s journey of overcoming obstacles. The song makes a strong statement about embracing one’s individuality and letting go of societal expectations. (“She’s broken all the ropes that bind her”) where ropes mean letting no one’s words define her. The song condemns objectification and encourages women to embrace themselves by creating a fearless persona in the song (“the words don’t define her “). As the song ends the persons who used to be concerned with conforming to society have broken free of that mold ready to leave behind a legacy of beauty and Grace. The lyrics tell a compelling tale with a satisfying ending that will leave the listener satisfied and pleased.

The song “Bodywise” is painstakingly produced, with each member giving their special talents. Through the power of music and expert lyrical techniques, the band was able to shed light on an important topic in a calm, refreshing, and entertaining environment which is extremely commendable!!! The outcome is music that skillfully combines unadulterated passion with modern sensibilities.

With ‘Bodywise,’ the band aimed to portray the unfiltered feelings of a young woman facing social constraints. The song is about how women can finally have the world at their feet by escaping the social and cultural constraints that held them down when they were younger. I was just blown away by the musical elements ( electric guitar solo) and the tender vocal performance. Dranow has done it again!! Meshing music, art, and important societal issues in one go. I’m on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait for his next project!

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