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Gemïny Too Close

Gemïny Releases Latest Song “Too Close”

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With a hard-hitting bassline as its opening, Too Close offers a very strong beginning. The homorhythmic mix is quite tidy. The song is extremely upbeat and has just the proper amount of rowdy energy to uplift the listener’s spirits. You can’t sit down and listen to this song because it is so electrifying. The electric excitement lasts all the way from the opening until the chorus!

Wesley, who performs under the stage name Gemny, is a recording artist from Raleigh. Gemny is well-known for his joyful music, which combines pop soul vocals with what appears to be a blend of smooth jazz and some harsh rock. I can listen to this groovy, upbeat, and electrifying music repeatedly. He started doing freelance work in 2020, recording background music and hooks for various young musicians in an effort to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Later, this developed into a few modest gigs in the Columbia area pubs where Gemny provided keyboard and backup vocals for various bands.

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A musician with a lengthy career and some melodically rich compositions. The track’s mix is what I find most appealing. There are no pieces that overlap, making it extremely roomy and tidy. It appears as though each instrument plays a distinct part and that they are all working as smoothly as an efficient machine. The vocal effects are incredibly inventive and give his music a much-needed experimental flair. The voices frequently ping-pong from left to right, with a few bits that appear at random and sound ear-candy-like.

The vocals seem to be the centre of the entire song. The tunes in the background are quite understated but effective. The only thing that moves this music is the bassline. In the midst of all the commotion, there is a really well-rounded kick and bass.

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