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Greetings my most cherished readers and music fans worldwide!! Let’s welcome to our blog UK UK-based artist Chandra. With his brand of guitar pop, Chandra has become known as a daring and intriguing singer-songwriter who uses his music to communicate deep stories about the human condition, challenges with self-belief, confidence development, and navigating the everyday ups and downs of mental health. Due to his parents’ love of David Bowie, The Beatles, and The Carpenters, Chandra developed a wide musical taste as a child that eventually included everything from Britpop to Britney Spears. Fresh off the critically praised releases of “Pretty” and “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” in 2023, Chandra makes a triumphant comeback with infectiously catchy choruses that convey a thought-provoking message with his latest song titled “ I’ll Be There “ which was released on the 1st of march. I’m going to tell you more about this amazing song in my review.

The song begins with a very peppy guitar sound as the foundation. Chandra then begins his powerful performance as he sings about a call to action for everyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world yet feels unable to do so… too tiny to have any effect. It’s simple to feel overwhelmed and hopeless at a time when it seems like the world news gets worse every day. I’ll Be There serves as a helpful reminder that many of our difficulties can be solved at home by doing small deeds of compassion, love, and friendship. The song thereby creates this positive energy that will resonate with you the listener.

“I used to despair at the fact that nothing I did would make a blind bit of difference against the swirling vortex of war, disease, corruption, political turmoil, and environmental disasters,” Chandra sings in the song, reflecting his hopes and anxieties as he does with all of his music. It is depressing to wake up to a constant barrage of terrible news and feel powerless to change it. However, the reality is that we HAVE the power to alter things, and it all begins with how we treat one another at home. It is up to us to change this by performing small but widespread acts of empathy, trust, and love. You can’t talk about this song without mentioning the music video. The music video is a parody of “The Brady Bunch” TV show’s opening sequence from the 1960s. It’s a playful allusion to the idea that, despite our differences, we can all do our part to improve the world by just being there for those around us.

He wrote this song to show everyone that even little adjustments in behavior can have a big impact. Just be kind to others and smile at them; with each good action, the negative feelings gradually fade. The way the song is designed keeps you engaged and tuned in which shows the star power that Chandra possesses.

When we talk about production we cannot praise the song’s greatness without appreciating Chandra and Aaron Short, his co-producer. The two worked together to bleed a piece of their soul into this song. The song’s texture, the musical instruments especially the electric guitar solo, and the outstanding vocal work take listeners out of their space and world into Chandra’s mind and his musical capabilities.
The song “I’ll Be There “ is a musical masterpiece that is hard to forget or replicate. In his late teens, Chandra led the alt-rock band Circa, which helped him become ready for the stage and the ability to perform brilliantly at any time. This was a comparable period to Muse and Coldplay’s ascent to fame. After releasing three highly regarded songs in 2023, Chandra is touring with a full band in 2024 and releasing his debut EP later this year, I can’t wait to see what he’s going to put out!!!

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