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Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms’ Christmas Plans Go Awry in Netflix’s Family Switch

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For the holidays, Ed Helms and Jennifer Garner are switching things up. The two are the main cast members of Family Switch, a Netflix Christmas comedy. Garner, 51, and Helms, 49, play Jess and Bill Walker, a married couple with three children, whose family life is turned upside down on the most significant day of each individual’s life due to a paranormal body swap

“I believe that many people think of gatherings when their family is dispersed across the nation or the globe, and it provides a chance and an idea to reunite,” he says. That’s not always simple. I simply enjoy the thought of seeing a movie as a family and hearing individuals say things like, “I want to see this,” or “I want to see that.” “That sounds like a great idea for the whole family to gather around to watch and enjoy,” is how I hope Family Switch goes. Hopefully it’s simple for everyone to watch

Family Switch is streaming on Netflix Nov. 30.

Watch the movie’s trailer below

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