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Jordan Jones Flawless

Jordan Jones Releases “Flawless” Song

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Canadian singer-songwriter Jordan Jones released a new song “Flawless” on June 10, 2022.

Alberta is home to Canadian musician Jordan Jones. His music’s objective is to establish a relationship with his listeners through its songs. He is now taking reservations for a 2023 tour. “Break My Heart” from 2020 and “Stumble” from this year are previous releases. Thanks to his superb vocals, his bouncy pop song is extremely enjoyable.

The abrupt, overpowering, and transient nature of love has frequently been compared to a fever. Jordan Jones subverts this with a more deliberate, smoother voice on his most recent single, “Flawless.” He brings out a more enduring sort of romance by letting these strong emotions simmer and allowing often impulsive wants to ease. Since the instrumental is lighter than typical earworm-pop, the mix’s negative space can be used to cushion its blows. The outcome is a pleasing and flawless listening experience that is more akin to a cool breeze than a sweltering heatwave.

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“Flawless” has just enough slick one-liners to maintain its momentum. A standout line is “Baby shatter my mind, I need clear my head.” However, Jones’ buttery voice give these flings a satisfaction and tranquillity even if they read as desperate. Instead of a passionate flood, the effect is more akin to capturing fleeting acts of love during a calm day. It’s a gentle, enduring smile.

Each line is surrounded by light synths that move forward and backward in the mix like a moderate tide. Jones sings the song’s most urgent plea before the song’s final chorus: “I want you over and over and over again.” However, there’s just enough of a sneer in his tone to suggest that he has plenty of time. His affection is unwavering and constant.

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