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Hello everyone, you are welcome to this blog. Today we feature the work of Portland artist MICKI XO. Micki released a new song on the 26th of April called “Behind my eyelids”. Let’s talk more about this song

The song starts with a slow yet beautiful pop song which is so incredible. Just as the song intro is about to end you hear Micki’s silly voice which has you in a trance

This song is a profound song that speaks candidly about mental health, depression, and addiction. (”cause I can hear the voices in my brain “Although the type of drug is not specifically mentioned, she has personified the substance and she holds on to that substance like a safety blanket (”in a blanket of smoke, she makes me feel whole”). The song exposes the struggles of people with mental issues and makes them feel seen and it gives you hope that things will get better eventually (”and I’m trying to be strong”)

The song is arranged in an upbeat way but not so much that it takes away from the song’s important message. Micki’s voice is fluffy, warm, soothing, and almost motherly. The song put together is very powerful

To put it briefly, Micki is not your usual artist; she discusses significant issues that she genuinely feels strongly about. She is not merely about money, luxury, vehicles, or style. She discusses real-life, sometimes awkward subjects including sadness, suicidal ideation, and mental health problems. Her goal is to create music that speaks to those who, perhaps all their lives, have been ignored. Please listen to this song and realize that you are not alone, I implore you. Micki isn’t just making music she’s also touching minds and hearts with her music.

Stream “Behind My Eyelids” on Spotify or SoundCloud

You can follow Micki XO on here and her socials; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp

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