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Dearest gentle reader and music lovers let’s welcome UK band Real Teeth. The band is made up of  Joe Temple on Vocals, Guitar Tim Astley on Bass, and Max Wild on Drums. On 31st May the band released a song called “Wavering Stakes”. Let’s get into the details of the song.

Right when the song starts you are greeted with a unique and ethereal sound which is followed by a funky bass guitar riff. You are instantly mesmerized by the quality of the sound you’re hearing.

The song is uncomfortable realisation that time is passing you by. When depressed or anxious, the conflict between the overpowering terror of the outside world and the want to get out of bed and put on a brave front (”just draw the blinds and close your eyes”) . The song is an ineffectual rallying call, a cry into the void in search of illumination, and a last-ditch effort to make sense of it all. (”dreaming how we will escape this place”)

The song does a fantastic job of sharing present emotions and revealing the character’s inner thoughts and inner human struggles

The song was recorded at New River Studios/BonaFide Studio in North London. Each member of the band flourishes in their part of the song but you have to prepare to have your world rocked by the guitar solos midsong and towards the end with a masterful crescendo

Wow! What an exciting ride!! Real Teeth has managed to create a safe space to discuss mental well-being and depression. The song will make you feel seen if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression. I applaud the band for their candor which is expressed through the song. The band is formidable and will achieve great success

Stream “Wavering Stakes” on Spotify or SoundCloud

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