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Greetings and welcome to music fans and dearest readers. Let’s welcome back to our blog UK artist Don Bonya. Don Bonya excited us with his song “Ride with Me”, cautioned us with his song “Envy” and is here again with another song where he joined forces with Ball J and Lapricaty to make a song called “Unchangeable” which was released on 19th April. Let me tell you more about this song

The song starts with a burst of incredible energy and charm. Then Bonya begins his incredible performance

The character describes a character who has no worries and doesn’t have a care in the world (”I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”). The character goes on to tell everyone that no one change him as he is very satisfied with the person he currently is (” They can never change me, only God can save me”), he doesn’t care what people say because he’s making money while they are hating on him

The song’s production is really unique! The deep bass end and present mid-range of the instrumental mix, together with their balance and directness, create a wonderfully sharp tone that gives the track a lot of vitality. The vocals are further emphasized and brought to the forefront of the mix by the treble range’s brilliance and smoothness, which gives the mix a silky edge.

The new song, which demonstrates the artists’ ability to work in unison and to let many inspirations come together freshly, is a wonderful illustration of what these gifted musicians are capable of. It is a more potent mash-up of several musical genres, combining Dancehall, Afrobeat, trap, and many more elements under one roof. Bonya made sure that every artist contributed to the song’s creation and provided them all an opportunity to shine. I’m always amazed by Don Bonya, and I’m looking forward to hearing his next project.

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