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Hi everyone, welcome to our blog. Today we feature Portuguese-based artist Child of SP. Although still in the early stages of his career, Child of SP has already broken records as the first Brazilian artist to sing exclusively in English. On January 15th, he released the music video for his song “Issues.” Let me tell you more about this song and its video.

When the song starts you hear these synth-pop sounds and the artist’s hypnotizing voice. The video starts with shots of the artist walking in an alley and then cuts to the shadow of a lady and then back to the artist as he sings so woefully

“Issues” was written as a reflection of Child of SP’s relationship following his relocation to Europe from his native home, Brazil. The song issues the fact that the relationship did not work out in the end, emphasizes the pair’s lack of hatred for each other, and how they collaborated to solve problems and heal despite their growing distance from one another. (”Just know We got some issues, but we can work it out”). The video, which alternates between chic black and white and color, shows Child of SP and his partner as they navigate the city, albeit with a certain amount of unspoken distance between them. The artist and his partner are seen lying on a picture bed. Additionally, images of a moving train are used to represent the widening gap between them. The video does, however, transition from black and white to color at one point, offering viewers hope that this couple’s issues will be fixed.

“Issues” develops an R&B-style harmony over-dispersed percussion beats. The end product is a beautiful and poetic music video made by Peter Moutinho, accompanied by an ethereal and emotional song that conjures the same emotional response in its production of both song and video as it does with the characters in its lyrics.

The song and video of “Issues” is a genuine and complete work of art. The song describes a hopeful persona who is willing to put aside his and his partner’s problems and face their problems head-on because he doesn’t want to lose his partner. The song evokes a great emotional feeling and watching the video magnifies that feeling. Child of SP is a true artist and his work speaks for itself

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