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9 o'clock Nasty Team Player

9 o’clock Nasty Is Back With “Team Player”

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I forced myself to listen to Team Player after overcoming the mental pain caused by not being able to review Darker Star. Like Boris Johnson, I adore every song by this band, and I never know what to anticipate from them next. Their songs don’t aspire to higher creative standards or seek for deeper meaning like a bad trio would. It is 9:00. Nasty are merely enjoying themselves. Team Player starts off with a punch before doing what 9 o’clock Nasty does best, which is diving into rock. Strong drums and a bass tone that would make Les Claypool’s pants flutter. Additionally, Sydd, Pete, and Ted give a chorus performance that Frank Black would pay millions of dollars for.

The Leicester trio—the ruthless, enigmatic, dangerous, and dark-eyed beings of irony and satire—are back to face their demons while still debating the fundamental essence of humanity.

Their new song, “Team Player,” is an exercise in Indie precision that, in the words of the band, “drives a sharp spike into the spine.” I’d say that’s just right. An aggressive track that attacks steadily and under control. Metal riffs? A molten bass, precise drumming, and wailing guitar notes?

Vocals? You are aware of. ominous, alluring, and thrilling. The truth. actual energy It builds up until it abruptly ends. Playa, playa, playa… The threatening chant carries on as a foreboding sign. The rhythm resumes. Ecstasy.

After the success of “Dark Star,” The Nasty are a little bit frightened to release this song. Will this song gain further traction? We’ll have to wait to find out, but I have a feeling they’re headed in the right direction! This song is for when it all becomes too much, according to someone.

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