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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat Back Again With “Cold Hard Dirt”

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Their latest song, “Cold Hard Dirt,” is now available. I adored the excellent musical arrangements in “Cold Hard Dirt.” Unique rhythmic beats and understated guitar melodies open the song. The vocals first sounded a little off-key and I think they might have been improved; but, after the chorus started, they sounded lot better. It’s a great idea to immediately transition to the chorus. I’m delighted it did since it establishes the tone for the entire song.

With instrumental songs that combined elements of psychedelic rock, post-punk, and alternative music, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat attracted the attention of audiences. With their new hit, “Cold Hard Dirt,” they are now veering into country music territory. The duo has you rocking out to their crazy, wacky, and distinctive sound, which adds a cosmic shine to a great fusion of alt-country, folktronica, and rock.

They raised the level of engagement of their musical fusion to entirely new heights by including voices on their full-length record. With the help of their combined musical skills, Lee Leffler on guitars, keyboards, and vocals and Michael Frackleton on drums, bass, percussion, keyboards, and vocals amp up the captivating energy of their sound to 11. When Native Tongue, a post-punk band from the 1980s, reformed 30 years later, they gave the harsh sensibilities of their earlier work a fresh spin.

The beats swell in cymbal pulses as “Cold Hard Dirt” easily strumming into your ears. The music has a carefree vibe that makes you want to move. While the melodic lines’ initial mood is quite grounded, a more cosmic and spacy haze soon enters to envelop them. The grounded tones keep you anchored while the spacy tones attempt to lift you off the ground and send you flying away into the stratosphere, which gives the song an intriguing vibe.

The country hit enters the melody as the song progresses, adding to the grounded sound of the instrumentation. The sound occasionally has a dusty edge to it that resembles the sound of wind rustling sand in a desert. Later in the song, as you reach the bridge, everything changes and you experience the true mix of rock, space, and country.

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The first vocal line of the song fills the high layers with a hazy, almost psychedelic flow. To create a meandering kaleidoscopic trail that takes you to the space between the melodic lines, the main vocal line slides in below this line. The performance has a hint of grounding, yet this is balanced with a cosmic edge. The poetry words pose a question to an unnamed entity. This song is incredibly unique and unlike anything else you might be listening to.

In “Cold Hard Dirt,” Dream of a Man in a Top Hat create an original sound by fusing folktronica, country, rock, and poetic lyrics. The single’s melody gives it a dual meaning as the cosmic tones threaten to launch you into space while the earthy rock keeps you grounded. The vocals place themselves in the heart of the tune and chart a colourful course for you to follow.

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