Maijah My Time

Glitzy Singer Maijah Released “My Time” Single

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“My Time” starts with a subtle synth chord with a burlesque quality to its colour and waltz-like demeanour. Maijah’s vocal intonation is influenced by Amy Winehouse as the song settles into a more cinematic tone before transitioning into a trap beat with rhythmic guitar and bass.

Nasmore feat Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor Safe In My Dreams

Nasmore Recruit Dana Miuccia & Neil Taylor on “Safe In My Dreams” Song

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“Safe In My Dreams” is as hauntingly beautiful as it is weird to listen to. It wonderfully conveys the vivid sentiments of losing someone we hold dear and the freezing cold contrast of what life is like alone in the aftermath. Nasmore’s gripping lyricism reveals stunningly poetic set words that echo emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are powerfully moving & relatable to anyone who has ever had the privilege of spending time building a life with someone special, only to witness everything crumble & disappear into thin air. The new track “Safe In My Dreams,” which travels like a ghost seeing his life from a distance, takes listeners on a trip through what may have been but now will never be.