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Un-Break My Heart By Toni Braxton Will leave you feeling sad and longing for lost Love

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On our blog today we turn our spotlight to R&B and pop artist and songwriter Toni Braxton who is based in America.Toni has a flair for pop and emotional songs and her latest single titled “Un-Break My Heart” is a standout anthem following up on blistering tracks like “Spanish Guitar “and her style of music can be conventionally defined as pop with slight elements of R&B and soul

Released on October 7, 1996 Un break my heart“ is a very personal piece that stems from a deeply disturbing and traumatic event in Toni’s life. Toni lets it all out in this pop-based, synthesized arrangement of music offering a strong message of fighting back and pulling one’s self out of a bad situation. Please stay open and enjoy this sparkling review of mine

“ Un-break my heart “opens with a calming electronic guitar riff and smooth female vocals before it descends into a structure of beautiful synth sounds, Toni ‘s raspy yet strong voice set in a while later. His powerful and commanding voice immediately grabs the listener attention from the start. Some lines from the song like “now it’s your time “, “don’t leave me out in the rain”nights are so unkind “and “come and kiss these tears away” show that “Un-break my heart ” is a brilliantly composed song with cinematic and high energy melodies which represent Toni’s personal and traumatic story of how she felt after a break up . Her stirring vocal performance is packed with emotion and pays tribute to her heartfelt and heightened emotions . Throughout the song she reveals the impactful message of trying to overcome the pain of loosing a lover

Lyrically, “Rise” talks in great detail Toni’s personal experience of breaking up with one’s significant other She also encourages listeners to try and embrace the pain instead of trying to overcome it completely in order to rise up from pain and despair . Her words depict the frantic need for one to embrace pain to come out stronger . This makes the song a beautiful and dedicated empowerment anthem unlike any other. I applaud Toni for overcoming her victim status and elevating to a survivor status like no other thereby becoming an advocate for anyone who would listen. The song’s concept of bravery and resilience is universal, reminding us all that we are powerful and strong enough to rise up out of difficult circumstances

“Un-break my heart “is a magnificent masterpiece made up of piano and electronic melodies that deliver a stirring message. Toni’s expressive vocal style, beautiful electronic guitar sounds and harmonies take listeners into her world and relay her journey from darkness to light and give a richness to the song

Overall, Toni Braxton’s“Un break my heart “is a very poignant and personal composition inspired by a true life altering event. It is a true testament to the unbreakable nature of the human spirit and has the concepts of bravery and strength with its great lyrical content, solid performance and thematic profundity. I strongly recommend “Un-break my head given its great lyrics and exclusive melody. It is appropriate for all fans of music and all playlists

Listen to “Un-break my heart”by Toni Braxton on Spotify and Apple Music and let us know your thoughts

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