Wiesinger FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Canadian Singer Wiesinger Releases Latest Single “FOMO”

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On May 6, 2022, Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Wiesinger, aka WIESINGER, released a new song called “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).” This is his third single of the year 2022. Wiesinger’s story wasn’t any better; in fact, he ended up depressed and his life swiftly spiralled out of control, landing him[…]

Mo Douglas Ample Room For Grooving

Mo Douglas Freshly Release “Ample Room For Grooving”

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“Ample Room For Grooving,” a lighthearted new single from Mo Douglas, glows with a brilliantly nostalgic ’70s charm. Mariya May’s wordless guest vocals enchant, emanating a weightless and ethereal quality amidst raucous guitars, snatches of flute, and fluttering keys. Mo Douglas, a Portland, Oregon-based indie artist, has released a new[…]

DJ H Chimist Life Bond

DJ H Chimist Uprising Composer Release “Life Bond”

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This track is a new song produced by DJ H CHIMIST, and the music’s dreamy ambience transports you to the global concept of “Life Bond.” Allow yourself to get carried away by this lively beat in this new fairy concept. Good trip, good listening. I hope you enjoy this tune[…]

nefaeai slime

NEFΛEΛI Releases Latest Single “Slime”

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The fourth track on NEFΛEΛI’s debut album “I Breathe,” which was released on April 30th, 2022, is “Slime.” Slime was created by layering materials such as vocals, instrumental layers, and lyrics. It depicts a drugged state of mind, as well as a materialistic and vanity-driven existence. A doomed existence that[…]

Kyle M Watson Releases Latest Song “I’m Ready”

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Kyle M Watson’s “I’m Ready” is exactly the kind of sultry slow tune you need on your cuddle partner playlist–and that’s no exaggeration. ‘I’m Ready’ builds into a groovy yet calculated trap beat, light on the 808 to allow the artist’s excellent riffing to shine through. Watson’s vocal prowess is[…]