Pamela Hopkins One Too Many

Pamela Hopkins Releases “One Too Many” Single

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Thematically, Pamela Hopkins ‘One Too Many’ is a follow-up to the artist’s previous hit, ‘One More Last Kiss,’ which acts as the emotional spark for the current single’s events. Following a breakup and a tearful goodbye, the lead singer has gone to a pub in the hopes of drinking her sorrows away, no matter how many drinks it takes.

Jayd Lucid Lover

Jayd Dropped the Visual for “Lucid Lover”

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Jayd’s music wonderfully tackles topics such as mental health and anxiety, as well as toxic relationships, and ‘Lucid Lover’ digs further into these themes, resulting in a real release with which fans can identify on a personal level.

Sarpa Salpa Dreaming

Northampton Band Sarpa Salpa Releases New Song “Dreaming”

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Sarpa Salpa ‘Dreaming,’ the band’s most recent release, is a stormer of a single that examines the highs and lows of being in a current band. From its soaring, kaleidoscopic synthesisers to Marcus Marooth’s traditionally forceful vocals, the track has an amazing feeling of personality and character, which reaches a culmination during its massive, emotional finish.

Bowfinger C'mon

Luton Music Band Bowfinger Out With “C’mon”

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With every piece of Bowfinger showing up, C’mon appears to hit all the right notes. It’s heavy and strong, catchy and cheerful, with all the proper Rock and Indie elements. There’s a lot to dissect here, with some pretty fascinating chordal tendencies and an atmosphere of electric pleasure.