AiViA Releases New Single ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’

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“Have You Ever Really Lived” The latest from the Swedish sensation AiViA highlights life’s most important events. ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’ is a motivational song that is supposed to ignite a fire in the listener’s heart and inspire them to live their best lives. It is a song that[…]

Aggressive Soccer Moms It's Not Love

Aggressive Soccer Moms Premiered “It’s Not Love”

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Aggressive Soccer Moms latest release “It’s Not Love,” is a catchy track with a steady tempo and atmospheric guitars, has all the makings of a success. Simple, dramatic, and powerful. It’s Not Love, the latest song from Aggressive Soccer Moms, follows the success of their last album, Deviation. The song[…]

The Kaz Experiment When The Sun Goes Down

The Kaz Experiment Releases “When The Sun Goes Down”

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The Kaz Experiment releases a calming instrumental track, ‘When The Sun Goes Down,’ on Wednesday, May 10th 2022, following the popularity of her instrumental singles, ‘Emerging From Solitude’ and ‘Dancing With Darkness.’ ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is a wonderfully calming instrumental track built around a soundscape comprised of a[…]

GrayBeat Levitron

GrayBeat Features Wayne Sayres on “Levitron”

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“Levitron,” GrayBeat’s latest single, combines synths, weird percussion with groovy beats, distorted vocals, and a sax to produce a whimsical yet incredibly complex single that is a treat to listen to. GrayBeat came up with the idea for “Levitron” in early 2021, before the publication of his album GrayBeat LIVE,[…]

Danielle Bloom I Am Woman

Danielle Bloom Serves Us With “I Am Woman”

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Danielle Bloom has released a cover version of Helen Reddy “I Am Woman” Danielle Bloom’s version of ‘I Am Woman’ is a defiant piece of roaring rock music, boisterous, loud, and entirely rock & roll. The nuance of Helen Reddy’s version is replaced with an inspiring and rousing anthemic mood[…]